Unknown X-Series Leaked!


Once in awhile we get a leaked of the coming X-series
camera. Latest technology; new breakthrough material
and even a out of this world design!


As a Fujifilm X photographer; I had the privilege to
preview and review many of the up and coming camera
and lenses. But nothing could prepared me for this new


Without much ado here is leaked photo. This morning,
11th of December 2015, according to my daughter its
code name is X-T50. All the information that she gave
is on the photo. I don’t know what sensor size nor the
MP on this new X-T50. From the look of it; I don’t think
this camera is gonna be expensive; which is a good thing.


As for now I gonna bribe her with some toys to find out
the actual specs of this X-T50. Stay tune for more updates.




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