Almost Purrfect

Here is a series of photos taken with the new
Fujifilm XPro2 with either XF35mm 1.4 or
XF 56mm 1.2 APD
Title as; Almost Purrfect; looks at the daily
life of Cat Women.


Picture 1
Every morning Cat Women walks her invisible
Chihuahua. She is actually afraid of dogs.


Picture 2
Cat Women also loves fried fish. Its her favorite.
This morning is cheat day.


Picture 3
Keeping fit is paramount for any super hero.
Cat women swims three times a week with
some swimming aid.


Picture 4
Yoga is part of Cat Women fitness regimen.


Picture 5
Before any super hero recuse; her outfit
needs to be steam and shoes also needs to be
polish too. Batman do come over
to help with the chores. (Sometimes)


Picture 6
Its important to have a your stomach filled
before any action. Noodles with fried
anchovies is her favorite!



Picture 7
Cat Women’s secret reveal! She is actually
afraid of mice,rats and Mickey mouse.


Picture 8
Like all of us; even super heroes are not
Purrfect. Hopefully after this series; you
will actually love Cat Women more!


Model : Jasline Marie Mossadeg
Make up & Hair stylist : Christine Chia

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