Walking your X CAMERA

Set in the heart of Singapore CBD is Gardens By The Bay. A 15 minutes drive
from my home gets me to this beautiful park that span across 250 acres. Today’s
photowalk venue with Fujifilm Singapore is inside the 2 huge conservatories.
Indeed a cool venue for sunny and humid Singapore. I am 100% sure everyone
is happy with this photowalk venue.



Armed with the uber cool X100T I link up with the group at Helix Bridge. The
kind people from Fujifilm Singapore brought 3 backpack full of lenses to loan out
to any participant who is dying to test their favorite lens. You named it they have
it! Unless the owners of X30 and X70. Maybe for the next photowalk Fujifilm
Singapore will definitely prepare the new WCL for X70 owners.


Favian Loo from Fujifilm Singapore flagging off.


Walking toward the entrance of the conservatories




Double X. X-Photgrapher Ron Lee & William Chua.




Today we have 5 Fujifilm X photographers and also Mindy Tan as a guest
photographer to lead the participants in the photowalk. A 20 minutes walk from
Helix Bridge leads us to the conservatories. It was a great time of learning and
sharing from one another.


Till the next session of “walking our X camera”….


Celebrity treatment. Never have I gotten so many sexy cameras framing me!


Shot by Fellow X-Photograher Ron Lee. Nice right?

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