PORTFOLIO matters #2

When was the last time you created a new portfolio? Or can’t
seems to find a great theme to start? You could just start with
two or three photos that you think is a “series”. And from there
you start building more pictures from it. You will be surprise what
could turn out at the end of it.
The other way is to ask a pal or a senior to have a look at your
pictures. Somehow through another person’s eyes; we sometime
could see another perspective with our own pictures. Sometime
the perfect shot could just be under your very nose. You will be surprise.


I have just added a X-series folder in my website and hopefully
to inspire some. There are 4 folders. #1 and #2 are basically a
series of street pictures. #3 are trees. Shots taken looking up.
I am thankful for tilt screen! And lastly #4 are fine art style photo.
Here is the link for #1


Maybe this weekend may be that perfect time to build your portfolio.

Instagram @ivanjoshualoh


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