GF63mm vs 64mm

Since the news of GFX was announced at the 2016 Photokina, the biggest headache
for prospective photographer is which lens to buy? The GF63mm F2.8 WR or GF32-64mm
F4 WR. Of course we understand they are indeed two very different lenses but many would
like to know at the far end of the GF32-64mm. How does it stand against the GF63mm
F2.8 prime lens?

Here are 2 sets of 3 photos. Two photos from GF63mm. One shot at F2.8 and the other
F4. And the third photo is the GF32-64mm shot at 64mm at F4. The photos are not in
any order but rather are there a lot of differences? This is not a scientific test but a
X-photographer with too much time in his hand. LOL. Have and guess and have some
fun too.

Did you guess it right? Here are the results. Do click on the below photo to get a larger view of the shot.








A : GF32-64mm F4 WR @64mm F4
B : GF63mm F2.8 @F2.8
C : GF63mm F2.8 @F4

OK, after looking at the result and you still can’t make up your mind. You really have a problem because you need to get both lenses.

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    […] Ivan Joshua Loh – Shared with our GFX Owners Group his GF63 vs GF32-64 comparison. The results might surprise you. podakuni – Another Nice post with some 100% crops and pictures from around town. – GFX event coverage and the new MK lenses. imaging-resource – Lots of full resolution sample photos. Anton Chernov – Shooting the GFX 50s. You can translate the video with google closed caption translate. The video gives you a feel for how responsive the camera is. […]


  2. Kenzo

    The most important question could be, you can accept the twice heavier zoom
    with price difference when the lens quality difference is very small.
    I would rather buy two lenses 64 and 32 differently if 32 will be sold.


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