Mismatch Chic

I believe many of us have experience this before. You are running late
for an appointment and at the same time scrambling to find the perfect
outfit. Somehow every outfit doesn’t seems to match. And eventually you
paired something that is kind of a mismatch. Its was terrible. Then you took
another second look at it and its kinda……. cool. A mismatch that suddenly
looks hip, funky and chic.



This is what happened to me. Not that this combo is everybody’s cup of tea.
A silver XF lens on a black X-camera; I think to myself, its pretty mismatch.
Or maybe the other way around, a silver camera body with a black XF lens.
Which ever way the mismatch is kinda…… cool. It kinda grow with me. What
do you think?

IG @ivanjoshualoh

FB : https://www.facebook.com/IvanjoshualohX/


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