XF90mm the Sharpest XF Lens?

Just gotten a new black bag. What better way than to
load it with some gears to see how well this bag is.
Since its black; I loaded a X-Pro2, XF16mm F1.4, XF35mm
F1.4 and XF90mm F2. Stealth mode ON! ( yes, I was dress
in all black too, except for my white Converse.)

My set-up for the day.


Like my new bag?

Its a Saturday and together with my wife and daughter we
headed for Gardens By The Bay for a lovely afternoon.
With these 3 lenses I thought I would have gotten everything
covered. A wide, standard and a mid tele lens. Among this 3
lenses, the XF90mm F2 is my least use lens. Its second to
none when it comes to sharpness. And I wonder why its my
least used lens. I guess it could be the size. I would usually
take my XF56mm APD over it.
Because of this; I decided to just mount the XF90mm and shoot
the whole two hours with it. I just tell myself that I have forgotten
to bring all my lenses and the XF90mm is my only lens.
Did I survived with the XF90mm as my “everyday” lens for the
last 2 hours? As one is “force” to work with what you have; I
am rather please that I mounted the XF90mm. Here are some
shots to share and I must say the XF90mm is a really a mighty
lens! What do you think, is XF90mm the sharpest XF lens?

Isn’t XF90mm razor sharp?


A hot day in Singapore.



Stop a kind tourist to be my model.



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There are 11 comments

  1. Steve Solomon

    The awesome XF90 f/2 is 4.5″ long, without the lens hood (the hood adds another 2.5″). and IMHO, is not too large, and balances nicely with either an XT-1/2 or X-Pro 2. Besides, the extreme benefits of stellar sharpness, speedy AF, and overal superb image rendering, make it worth it, IMHO. Good luck!

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  2. behaviorman

    This is by far my most favored lens of all time…incredible sharpness, incredible bokeh…a little noisy which was at first somewhat disconcerting…awesome photos by the way. If I could only have ONE lens, this would be it.


  3. Steve Solomon

    Yes, Ivan, I agree…though this XF90 is my absolute sharpest lens, really all of the Fujinon XF lenses are sharp (at least all those I’ve used, including the 23 f/2, 35 f/2, 60 Macro, and even the 16-55 and 55-200 zooms!). And since the 90 is so incredibly sharp, I find that I use it more than the 60 for product shots! Though for web display, one may be hard pressed to discern a difference. It’s really only at 100% magnification in post, as well as in large poster prints, where one can truly see the difference! But frankly, in my 35+ years of photography, I’ve never used such a consistently high-quality lens system as the Fujinon XF-System! And special note goes to the XF16-55 f/2.8 Zoom…It’s truly my “bread-and-butter” lens, because it’s incredibly sharp, fast AF, and weather resistant as well! In fact, I’ve used it for some product images, and I cannot tell a difference in overall image quality to the same focal length equivalent prime! And IMHO, it’s noticeably sharper than the good “kit” 18-55! Thank you.


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