Wedding with X100F?

I have always love attending weddings. A time to
to witness the union of two individuals in love with
one another. Their vows may be strings with words
but I could feel its written with their hearts.This
heartfelt tent theme wedding is held along the lovely
lawn outside Fort Canning Hotel, which is perch on
a hill.
I also had a great time catching up old friends and
making new ones. For this happy occasion, I brought
along my silver X100F. Don’t you think it will match
the whole wedding environment. As a guest I had
some opportunity to take the X100F for some wedding
shots together with its 2 other convertor lenses.
I am no wedding photographer but I ask myself if I were
to be thrown into that position; could I survive a wedding
with just the X100F? X100F may not the the number
choice for professional wedding camera but with some
good practice I don’t see why. Maybe a X-Pro2 and a
X100F will be a great working duo for a wedding set-up.
Plus you’ll definitely look really chic with these 2 cameras
at the wedding.

Below are some pictures taken with it X100F. Once again

congratulation to Joshua and Dawn! What an beautiful

wedding and may our good Lord bless you both in the

journey ahead as one.



the wait……



A quick snap of the happiest person! Please to meet you Mr Groom.



Dearest Daddy walking the bride…


when you don’t have a zoom lens…



Celebration starts now…..


Someday it will be my turn…..




the wedding march…


Stealing a kiss during their first dance.


Isn’t it romantic….


First dance as a married couple.


Coolest wedding shoes ever!


Dancing with daddy…..


Roses are red, so is my shoes…


Its a bird, its a plane….. its a drone!

There are 11 comments

  1. mikecroshaw

    Cool shots:) I have used my X100F extensively at a few weddings now and you are correct, it works great alongside an XPro2 ( well, 2 xpro2s in my case ).


  2. pikat09

    But were you the main photographer of the event or did you have the task of taking color pictures, or were you simply an entertainer who enjoyed making the pictures he wanted? I ask you not for controversy, because in the photos there are other people with “most important” equipment of yours, and I wanted to understand the situation better.


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