GFX : MF for documentary photography?

Last weekend was a very special weekend. I don’t even know where to start.
Its the 10th anniversary of Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix and my very good
buddy Ringo Chong is racing at the support race;  Ferrari Challenge Asia-Pacific.
30 drivers representing Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Japan,
France, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong,Thailand, Malaysia, Italy and
Ringo from Singapore; will be racing in this one make Ferrari challenge.
Ringo and I used to be neighbors. I could still vividly remembered our Canon days.
Of course I am to be blame in a good way;  that he is now uses Fujifilm X series
exclusively. Hopefully after seeing these pictures he might try Medium Format
On Thursday night; the support drivers are invited to walk, jog or cycle around the
track to understand the racing line. Singapore F1’s track is actually a street circuit.
Consist of 23 corners on this 5KM track. I have never driven on a F1 track before
but cycling around with Ringo is the closest I could get on with my rear wheel
Brompton bike powered by my skinny legs.

I brought along the GFX with 3 lenses. Primarily , GF23mm F4, the new GF45mm F2.8
and GF110mm F2. As I cycle I took some pics with the GFX mounted with GF45mm.
How cool could this be? Cycling on a F1 track and shooting with the GFX. Yes, one
hand shooting is possible; even when you are cycling! So this 3 lenses will be
my set-up for documenting Ferrari challenge.
Qualifying was on Friday evening. Ringo clock the fastest time. And he powered to win
both the Saturday and Sunday races. I am really happy to see a local winning on
home soil. Congrats again buddy! Singapore is so proud of you!
Below are all the photos taken with GFX. I truly enjoy myself using a Medium Format
mirrorless camera. Like what I always say; GFX: Medium Format for everyday. Rain
or shine.

One minute to race! GF110mm.


Say a little prayer. GF45mm


GF45mm. The perfect documentary lens.


Getting ready. GF23mm F4


GF45mm. Perfect lens for documentary photography.


At the Grid. GF23mm



The only lovely lady race driver.



Focus. GF45mm


Getting ready. GF45mm






The fastest man at the race.







Ringo the double winner! GF45mm


Ringo driving into the pit lane to take the top spot!






I was totally drench from the rain. And I tried my best to clean the lens with my wet t-shirt; thus the special soft effect.


Congrats! GF45mm



One more minute! GF110mm.

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