Street Lecture

My first Fujifilm workshop of 2018 started with a lecture on my participant.
I was requested by a local university to conduct a street photography
workshop for them. I told them that I am a commercial photographer and
I am in no position to share street photography. To prove to them that they
have commission a wrong X-photographer to conduct Street Photography;
I started the workshop with this series of photos. Sharing with them that I am
so slow in street that all the subject started looking at me before even I started
photographing them. At times I gotten photograph before I could even shoot
Jokes aside, after a 30 minutes of sharing I certainly hope I did inspire some
participants. I am just glad none fell asleep. Fujifilm Singapore also loan out
some X-series camera to those participant who wanna test out mirrorless
From Fujifilm Studio at Suntec City Mall we started our photowalk to  Marina
Bay; cross the futuristic Helix bright to most photograph building in the world,
Marina Bay Sand Hotel. Walk pass Gardens by the Bay before finishing at
the Satay Club for a much needed drink.

Having a fun time with this amazing SMU student. Photo by Jere


Jere at work. Xpro2 + XF23mm F1.4

DSCF0818 1

Friendly tourist. Xpro2 + XF23mm F1.4


Singapore Flyer Xpro2 + XF23mm F1.4


Xpro2 + XF23mm F1.4


HELLO. Xpro2 + XF23mm F1.4


Need for speed. Just look at all the dust speck on my sensor. Time to send in for cleaning. Xpro2 + XF23mm F1.4


Some IG photography. Xpro2 + XF23mm F1.4


No more tears. Xpro2 + XF23mm F1.4


Helix Bright and Marina Bay Sands Xpro2 + XF23mm F1.4

I had a great session sharing with this amazing group from Singapore
Management University and I hope this will not be my last workshop
with them. Below are some portraits of this amazing group.
IG @pigscanflyphotography

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