Happy Birthday Summer

My little baby turns 7 years old on 18th February! 
Like all parents would say; where have all the time 
gone to? We all wish that time will be more kind to us;
by helping us to slow down a little. So that we could 
enjoy these growing up years a bit more. If only.
Actually I am very thankful that I am a photographer. 
I have the privilege  of photographing my daughter in
all her growing up years. As I look back in time with
these pictures; I am happy I did manage to freeze 
these lovely milestone through this medium called
Below are some pictures from her recent 7th 
mermaid theme birthday party.  Pictures shot 
with X100F and XP90

3 lovely mermaids


DIY cake. Nice?



I am officially a sexy mermaid!


Thank you Summer Faith for allowing Papa and
Mama to sail the seven seas with you. Not plain
sailing for sure but we also experience many
rainbows after the storms. Happy 7th Birthday
to our little baby.


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