Happy Birthday X-Pro1

As my birthday comes closer I am always reminded of the day
I started with X-series. It was 5 years ago that I was blessed
with a lovely X-Pro1 plus XF35mm as a birthday present from
my wife.
DSCF1656DSCF1625 copy
Feeling a little nostalgic, as so much had happened since
I started my journey with Fujifilm X-series. From a user to a
client that actually asking me to share my story to Fujifilm
and to eventually being part of the amazing X-photographer
family. It’s indeed a privilege and also a blessing.
Today I decided to take out this old camera. With the speed on
how technology improves, by today’s standard a 5 years old
camera is old. As I put the battery in; I have to reset the dates.
That is how long I haven’t used this camera.
I have done many shots with this camera and I would like to
showcase a few of my favorite pictures taken with X-Pro1.

1st Place at 2014 PX3 Photo Awards in Paris.


X-Pro1 + XF35mm F1.4 Honorable Mention at 2013’s International Photography Award


International Photography Award 2014 Honorable Mention Award. X-Pro1 + XF14mm


Just look at the details of this shot. X-Pro1 Rocks!


International Photography Award 2014 Honorable Mention Award. Shot with Fuji Xpro1 + 56mm


Since I have taken it out from my dry box; why not spend some time
taking some photos with my first love. It may be only 16MP
camera but this original X-trans sensor produces one of the most
beautiful colors and details. Below are some pictures taken yesterday.
X-Pro1 Auto Focus is famous for the wrong reason. How should I
put it; GFX auto focus is faster!  With so many downside, Funnily
in an age of things being faster, lighter and better; I find using X-Pro1
slows me down as it takes time to get it ready; in a good way. It gives
me a little more time to have a  thought, recompose, to be a bit more
patience, etc.
One thing remind the same. It’s that special feeling I get with using
this camera. That have not change since I took ownership of X-Pro1.
Not many cameras can boast such a status.
Happy 5th birthday to my X-Pro1. You may be only 5 years old but
already a classic. Can’t say for myself, if I will grow old to be as cool
as a X-Pro1.
If you have some time do check out my site at http://www.pigscanfly.com
and instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ivanjoshualoh/

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