The Rise of Full Frame X-Series.

This year is indeed an exciting year with Nikon and Canon finally
coming onboard the Full frame mirrorless market. To me this mean
the end of the DSLR markets and its time to start selling it, if you
still hold a set. Take a deep breath and embrace the rise of
mirrorless camera to the top of the photography hierarchy.
This is just the beginning of an exciting times for photographers
and the world of photography. Rumor has it, Olympus and Pentax
may come into this full frame too. What about Panasonic? Maybe?
If all this were to come to pass; that will leave Fujifilm as the only
non full frame camera manufacturer.
As Fujifilm mention before they will not venture into full frame. And
we are all very clear about their direction through the years. I can
understand as it a very competitive market in that arena. Anyway
Fujifilm is doing amazingly in the APS-C market. They are certainly
the leader in this segment. Why would they wanna dive into this
bloodbath with Nikon, Canon and Sony.
DSCF1636 1
As a Fuji fanboy; I am happy as it is. X-series works well for me. The
lens line-up is already mature. The size of the system is just about
right. If I do need more mega pixel there is always GFX. So I am
happy living without a full frame in my set-up.
If I were to see it from a corporate perspective, ( not that I am a
corporate guy, LOL) I think it’s about time Fujifilm needs to rethink
its strategy in this ever changing photography climate. If there is
ever a full frame Fujifilm camera, is it worth the investment? How
many units will it sell?
Canon, Nikon and Sony now have a full frame and APS-C line up.
Of course their weightage are toward full frame. Do you think Fujifilm
should rethink and put full frame on their drawing board before its
too late?
This will be interesting. A full frame X-Pro series? What about full frame
X-T series?Just the thought of it gets me excited. X100 series in full
frame. Wow! Maybe they should start like how they did before? The first
full frame X-series should be a X100 vision. That will be so cool! Rewriting
history again.
Please leave your comment and support below. I do believe Fujifilm needs
to hear from us.

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