The best camera is the one you have with you. Really?

We have heard this popular quote : The best camera is the one you have with you. If photography is your passion; I guess “the best camera is the one that you purposefully have it with you.” I can’t really say much about smart phone as I have not found one that I could also call it a camera even though they all have built-in camera as it’s feature.. Many brands boast of it capability but nothing comes close to having an actual camera. Of course the smart phone have indeed advances greatly in its capability to a point that it had killed the compact camera market with their existence. 
Recently a friend shared with me about his effort in trying to get some photos for a 
competition. Each time when he pack his gears for that purpose he didn’t manage
to nail that shot. He decided to change his strategy. Have a system that is comfortable and the weight will not crush you down. For his case a X100T. 
Instead of spending 2 weekends looking for the scene; he now have a X100T with him wherever his daily routes takes him. In life when you least expect it; the scene presents itself and that is when having a good camera comes in play. 
Photography is about making images or capturing a moment in time; not about cameras,lenses, or megapixels. Really? Personally having a camera that you love, makes you thrive in photography. I have owned one too many cameras in my photography journey. Almost all are flavor of the month. They all lasted for a period of time. After the honeymoon is over the shoot frequency drops. 
Never had camera brand spur me to shoot so much in the last five years compare 
to my last 20 years add together. Primary Fujifilm’s camera are well design. Sexy is
the word. Next it’s the color that the camera produce. They are gorgeous straight 
out of the camera. Each camera model house at least 5-8 film simulation. Once you found the one that speaks to your vision; this whole process is quite additive. You just wanna keep shooting. Lastly the firmware updates. Fujifilm listens to us the photographers. With each firmware the camera feels refresh. Without going into the technicality; the camera just performs better at no extra cost. 
Many of you know that I am a fan of the Range finder style camera from Fujifilm. 
Basically my X-T2 and GFX50S are for the purpose of commercial work; they are 
my workhorse. For everyday it’s usually the X100F and occasionally X-pro2. I find
them sexier to shoot with. It’s a personal thing. And more recently I have been using the GFX50R as a daily camera. Yes. you heard it; daily camera. Never have once these two-words, Medium Format and daily camera could gel together. I will share more in my next blog post on this. 
I had tested a pre-production X-T3 a couple of months back. At that point I know
it’s a great improvement over X-T2 in many areas. As a X-T2 owner I don’t see the
need to upgrade. As many would agree; for an extra 2 mega pixel? Having said that, fast forward to 3 weeks ago; I sold my X-T2 and gotten the black X-T3. Why? I really don’t know until 3 week later which is now! 

Shot with GFX50R + GF45mm

The last 3 weeks have been nothing short of amazing. I have always used the Range Finder Style camera for street and leisure and my X-T1 and X-T2 for work. With the new X-T3 I have using it as a daily camera and I may have a change of heart. Just a teeny bit. 
In a nutshell for me; X-T3 may be the best street camera. It’s greatest strength is the fast Auto Focus and the face detection works very well if needed. I love it’s rather small form factor with all the essential dial within easy reach. Of course this new APS-C 26MP back-illuminated sensor records heaps of details. X-T3 is indeed a professional photographic tool. 
Below are some boring and mundane photos of my daily activities with the everyday camera, the X-T3. From fetching my kiddo to school, going to the market, work, attending events and playtime. Things Dad does. I will start with a series which I call it : Shooting Seated. This is a series which all the pictures are shot; seated. Yes; literally. Sinking my big ass on the driver’s seat. As parents we don’t have the luxury to shoot as much as we like. So even the waiting time at the traffic junction is a golden opportunity to have some street photography. 

XF23mm F1.4, ISO 320 1/60, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/1000, F1.4


XF35mm F2, ISO 640 1/4000, F2


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/60 F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/80, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/60, F1.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/2700 F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/600, F1.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/160 F1.6



XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/5500, F1.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO160, 1/550, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/45 F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/400, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/85, F1.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/1500 F2.5


XF16mm F1.4, ISO160, 1/240, F1.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/400 F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/8000, F2.8


XF35mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/8500, F1.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/1900 F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/4000, F1.4


XF35mm F2, ISO 160 1/3000, F2


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/4000 F2.5


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/2700, F1.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160 1/250 F1.4

Hope this inspire some of you. Even if you don’t drive; you could still shoot when you are in the train, taxi, bus or even on your E-Scoot. Just remembered to bring out your beloved camera out. Happy snapping.

XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/500 F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 800, 1/30, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/20, F5.6


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/2400, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/640, F1.4


X-T3 XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/950, F2.2


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/1800, F5.6


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/100, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 250, 1/60, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 640, 1/60, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/120, F2.5


My work tools. XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/420, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/500, F5.6


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/60, F1.4


XF35mm F2, ISO 160, 1/640, F2


XF35mm F2, ISO 3200, 1/25000, F2.8


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/60, F1.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/60, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 1250, 1/60, F5


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 250, 1/480, F2.5


XF56mm F1.2 APD, ISO 3200, 0.2sec, F11


Don’t say BOJIO. XF23mm F1.4, ISO 3200, 1/900, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/180, F1.4


XF35mm F2, ISO 160, 1/680, F5.6


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 2000, 1/30, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/480, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/105, F2.8


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 250, 1/60, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/2700, F2.8


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/105, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/320, F1.4


XF23mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/4, F21.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO160, 1/60, F1.4


XF16mm F1.4, ISO 160, 1/60, F1.4


Below is the link to my other pre-production X-T3 blog post.

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