Little Miss Coney.

It’s the year end Fujifilm Photowalk and the venue is Coney Island. And you know what? I have never been to Coney Island. Which is situated on the north-east coast of Singapore. For this morning I am paired with with follow X-photographer Jose Jueland with 6 participants for our groups. There are another 2 group lead by X-photographer Mindy and Ron. William Chua and Benny Ang.

The amazing team.

As it was my first time there and thankfully wasn’t the first for Jose. I am glad he was kind enough to give us a private tour of this lovely little island. We started by taking the costal route before going inland. The photowalk lasted for two and half hour. Our end point was at Whisk and Paddle. A lovely cafe by the  river side. Here we had a debrief and yummy lunch. There was also a mini photo contest among the 3 group. Each group showcase a series of best shot. William and Benny’s group was the winning team. Each participant from the winning team was given a beautiful Fujifilm Planner book as their price. Perfect to start the new year with.
Below are more photos to share and do come and join us for the next Fujifilm photowalk.

Practice makes perfect. Not just photography.


We love Eric even though he show up with a Sony. LOL. All camera brands are welcome. It’s not about brand rather the love for photography.



Andrew giving a shot at long exposure.



Eric is really very happy with the result of the XF200MM. I think everyone is.


Little Miss Coney Island.



Model of the day.



Friendly Staff at Whisk and Paddle Cafe.


The contest.


Thank you Jere for this group shot.

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