Twenty Eighteen. Fuji Fanboy’s report.

Twenty Eighteen has been a good year. And that doesn’t mean its plain sailing. There are times of calm and beauty. Strong winds that helps me build speed up a couple of knots. And sometime this same strong wind brew and became a storm that hit me hard. And occasionally some storms actually helps me steer to the right destination. That is life; I guess. And I have learned to be thankful for all things.
As a Fuji X-photographer and more importantly as Fuji Fanboy first; it’s been an amazing year. As I recollect the amount of great products that have been launch this year. Here are some photos to start with.
DSCF0932 2

2018 started with a new line-up. X-H1


Square just gotten hip. Instax Style. SQ6.


This is how sexy sould be. The brown X100F. I am tempted.


Certainly the sharpest lens in XF lens line-up.


Don’t you just loved this dark silver on X-A5?


XF8-16mm. The new ultra wide.

DSCF0028 1

XF8-16mm @8mm. ISO160, 1/2000 F6.4. Lite by Broncolor Siros




Shot with GFX50R + GF45mm


X-T3 + XF56mm APD. ISO80, 1/250 F3.2 Lite By Profoto 8A.





XF10. F2.8 ISO200 1/1000



What a sexy set-up! Unfortunately we could only shoot in 35 format due to vignetting


Last but not least, Fujifilm Cup Noodles!



Another highlight for me was also a 2017 wishlist; is the revival of XF33mm F1.0.  Two weeks prior to the news release I wrote a blog post on this lens knowing that XF33mm will not become a reality and I was wrong. Really looking forward to arrival to this legendary lens.
Next, this was what I wrote on my last blog post of 2017 ” I do have one wish list that didn’t come to pass in 2017. Anyone wanna guess what that may be? And I hope 2018 will be the year. This will make my photographer’s life complete. If only I could tether GFX with Capture One.”
I could still remember Keitaro So of Fujifilm was in Photokina when he text me the
good news when he was the press conference.! Oh boy was I happy. I have been nagging to him about GFX not being able to tether with Capture One for almost two years. I believed he is certainly a happier man now when we do meet. Capture One is now able to tether with many of the newer X-series cameras too.

My Most Beautiful Shot. Seeing all coming together.



Live from Photokina 2018

All work and no play makes us dull photographers. I am thankful for the first’s X-photographer 3 days retreated early this year at ClubMed Bintan Indonesia. Thank you Favian Loo for making this happened. As always a great bonding time with fellow X-photographers and staff from Fujifilm.

2018 is also a year of Fujifilm workshops and photowalks. It’s at such events we meet our fellow photographers. We share and exchange photography know how and also test out the latest camera and lenses.
This year I am fortunate to bag a couple of photo awards but the one that I am most proud of is the one my daughter. We submitted a series to International Photography award 2018 and bag an Honorable Mention Award. Indeed a milestone for us. As the title says it, our photography is always “Work in Progress”. Here are the 10 photos that we have submitted. Picture on the left are shot taken by me taking a shot at Summer taking a shot. And the last 4 shots are all Summer’s.
To commemorate this milestone we did a mini photo exhibition title “Summer and her PaParazzi”and also printed a small book with the same title.
As the year draws to an end; I reflect on what a great year it has been and do I have a wishlist for 2019? I actually don’t have a list. I am quite contended. I am certainly looking forward to GFX100. Middle of this year I had a job where my GFX50S didn’t meet my client requirement in term of file size. I had to rent a 100MP Phase One camera for the job while GFX50S took a backseat. Does anyone really need GFX100? I certainly do. Here is the blog post on this issue.
Since I don’t have a wish list for 2019; I would love to hear from you. Do write on the comments below. Of course rumor line-up for 2019 includes X-T30 and X-Pro3, that would be exciting. And also a couple of lenses. Finally here is wishing all my fellow photographers a blessed Christmas and an amazing 2019. I will leave you with my personal favorite 18 photos of 2018.

GFX50R + GF32-64mm




X-H1 + XF23mm F1.4. Lite by Broncolor. Honorable Mention Award. IPA 2018.


GFX50S + GF32-64mm. Lite by Broncolor.


GFX50S + GF32-64mm. Lite by Broncolor.


My folks. X100F.


X-T3 + XF35mm F2.


X-H1 + XF23mm F1.4


X-T3 + XF23mm F1.4




GFX50S + GF32-64mm. Lite by Broncolor.


X-T3 + XF10-24mm



DSCF4200 1

X-H1 + XF23mm F1.4





DSCF0676 3 1 1

GFX50S + GF250mm F4




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