Heritage Town Photowalk.

Every photowalk is different. This afternoon is a little more special. I used to lived in
eastern part of Singapore. And today’s Fujifilm Singapore photowalk span across
the entire length of this road call Joo Chiat in the east. It’s not a particular long road.
Maybe about 1.2km and house many interesting side street along the way. I was
told in 2011 the vicinity surrounding Joo Chiat Road was declared Singapore’s

first Heritage Town.

I remember visiting this road as a kid with my parents. Mostly coming here to buy
famous food. It still look pretty much the same structurally but with many more new
eateries. At the same time I am happy to be able see some traditional one. It’s a
good mix.
There are small supermarket, a few could vintage boutique, pets grooming shop,
bike shops, traditional furniture shops, small boutique hotels, a museum, temple,
pubs, karaoke joints, specialty shop and many restaurant. From Japanese, Chinese,
Vietnamese, western and also Peranakan that I so fondly remembered.
Below are some photos to share. All taken with my fav everyday Fujifilm camera.
The sexy X100F.
I love Paxson Jr. This 4 year kiddo in my group just loves photographing me. Make me feels like a real Celebrity.

Group 2. From left Jacob, Alvin, Paxson Jr, Paxson, Natalie.


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