The Distinguished FujiFanboys Photowalk

This is my fifth year attending this colorful event; Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. And I still I don’t own a bike. As the years goes by I invited more and more photographers to join me. This year we have twenty something Fuji Fanboys and Fangirls joining me. I started my day with coffee at Starbucks with Alwin. By 9am we all at the National Museum, the start point where all the bikers will gather. Big, small, vintage, modern, super bikes to classic. You name it and most likely it will be there.


As always, we are treated with so many different genre of bikers. The beauty of the event is not just the different type of bikes one gets to admire but the beautiful and interesting character we meet. Best of all everyone is so friendly.We just have to ask and every biker will be happy to be photograph. A real treat to us who loves street portraits.

This FujiFanboy Photowalk is probably the shortest. The length of the event is maybe 150 meters long but the duration is much longer. After the flag off at 11am we all headed for more coffee and follow by a late lunch. So the event ended at 4pm. A big thank you to all who attended and also Max who came and join us after DGR.


Meet the Distinguished FujiFanboys. I think we missed a few in this shot.



Breakfast time with one of my biggest Fuji Fanboy.



This is the third year Baker Itaru San have joined me. He is big FujiFanboy. His weapon if choice is GFX50R.



FujiFanboy, Evans and Emmanuel. Even though Evans uses a canon bag; inside house a GFX50S.



Alastair, Hwee Lee and me.


Selfie with my FujiFangirl.


Itaru finding a high vantage point to nail his shot with his GFX50R.

9-DSCF8724l9-DSCF8801l9-DSCF8899l9-evan huangl9-DSCF8876l9-DSCF8835l9-DSCF8895l9-DSCF8923l9-DSCF8788l


Sometime FujiFangirl gets emotional just taking a selfie with me. Am I right Dr Yeak? 😬



Always good to meet a familiar face at DGR.


More Fujifanboys and Fangirl.


Hello Bobby Tonelli.

9-Barry Milarel

Thank you Barry for this shot.


Natalie found a cute biker and rode off.Now we are left with 3 Fujifangirls.


Alvin, david and Nathalie; who finally came back after riding away for 4 hours!


Coffee session after the event; more like “poison” session.


Serious discussion over lunch. The topic, which lens to buy next.


Little girl feeling scare with the loud bike noise.


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