LED lights for Photography?

When I started photography with a hand me down camera from my dad some 30 years ago. It was a time of exploration for me. And one fun experiment was to add some lights into the frame with a touch light. Like a kicker light and I also tried “light painting” with the touch light.
Those were the good old days. Who have tired this?

Fast forward to yesterday, I had the opportunity to try our the new Broncolor LED F160 lights. I actually have no intention as it was left in car to be return. Instead of pulling out all the Siros 800L for the shoot; I happily took out the pair of LED which I have never used before. ( it was a loan from the good people of Broncolor Singapore for a video production team)

It was my first time tying LED lights for a commercial work. The learning curve was pretty easy. Turn it ON, set my power range, set the color temperature and add a light shaper from Broncolor that I had. Yes, the Broncolor strobes and LED lights share the same light shaper.

Brilliant combo.

I can’t tell you more about the LED lights as I have no prior information but one could easily find it from Broncolor website. Below are some of the shot taken with the 2 lights set up and also behind the scene photos. So could I used LED lights for photography? I will let the photos do the talking. Will I consider adding it to my set-up? It certainly worth a consideration and brilliant for video work. Lastly do follow us @fujifanboys and if you like the flowers, do follow them @wildflowerfloristsg



Warm lights work well with the brick-wall? GFX50S + GF110mm F2



GFX50S + GF110mm F2

DSCF1656WF3650 1


1 light set-up. GFX50S + GF63mm


Love the crisp LED light flowing down from the top. 


Broncolor F160 LED


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