TCL 33mm F2 vs XF35mm F2.

I am a fan of Fujifilm X100 series. OK, I am a BIG fan of the X100 series. I love how this camera rekindle my love for photography. It’s so liberating using it. So modern and yet there is an old school charm to it. The X100V is an über chic camera with a fixed 23mm F2 lens. There is no need to think about what lens to mate with. If one do needs more option for lenses, there are only 2 convertor lens available. Therefore this system is headache free. 
With the newly design lens; it’s heap sharper than all its other predecessor. It’s indeed a long awaited welcome.

A friend asked, is it sharper than a XF35mm F2 lens when I attach the TCL convertor lens on a X100V. Which technically converts it to a 33mm F2 lens. I told him I am not sure, but I am certain its close. 

Which set-up will you choose?
From this shot, X-E3 + XF35mm F2 looks much smaller.

Below are a few SOOC comparison. I have use a X-E3 as it closest competitor. In this comparison I just realize how much smaller the X-E3 is to X100V. 

X100V + TCL Convertor lens =658g (478g + 180g) X-E3 + XF35mm F2 WR = 507g (337g + 170g) Technically X100V do have an addition build in 23mm lens. The total weight of the X-E3 is 687g, if I do add a XF23mm F2 + XF35mm F2 to the mix. If you are looking for a light weight set up, this 2 camera is pretty close. 
After looking at the non technically comparison. The winner is XF35mm F2. It’s a tad shaper and the bokeh is also softer. Not that X100V + TCL is bad. In fact I feel it not that far off. 

TCL 33mm F2
XF35mm F2 WR
Left, TCL 33mm F2. Right XF35mm F2 WR
TCL 33mm F2
XF35mm F2 WR
Left ,TCL 33mm F2. Right XF35mm F2 WR
TCL 33m F2
XF35mm F2 WR

I am just happy there are 2 system for us to choose. Which one do you prefer? For me its the X100 series. The most important rule is; we must love our camera. And in return we will certainly bring it out and shoot. The more we shoot the more we learn about the camera, ourselves and our shooting style. Below are a couple of shot taken during this week.

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Shot with X100V

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  1. stanis 42

    Probably converter flares more then XF lens.Another big no, no with converter lenses is something Fuji should do long time ago. Bayonet mounting. It+s simply pain in whatever screving them on and off. When I had my old Ricoh GR, I used filter adapter that bayoneted into the body, with permanentry screwed on superb wide adopter. Thus I could put it on and of a socond.


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