Multiple Exposure, Double the Fun!

Double exposure is always fun. Multiple exposure increases the fun level. The newer X-series cameras could now have up to 9 exposure in a single frame.Recently I was playing and experimenting more during my morning or late evening walk around my neighborhood. 

X100V. Long exposure + Double Exposure
X-Pro3 + XF16-55mm F2.8
X-Pro3 + Xf16-55mm F2.8
X-T4 + XF27mm F2.8 WR

Below are some of my fav shots. My favorite style that I learn during this last 2 weeks; are those with bokeh balls in the frame. Here is my work flow. I will find my first frame; and it could also be a long exposure. And for the second frame, I will set the lens to its minimum focusing distant. This is achieve maximum bokeh balls to the frame. I sometime will have 2 blur shot in the frame. Onecould be at F2 and the other maybe at F5.6. So that I could have different sizesof bokeh balls in the same frame. 

X-Pro3 + XF56mm APD.
X-Pro3 + XF90mm F2
Having fun while waiting at the traffic. X-Pro3 + Xf16-55mm F2.8
X-Pro3 + XF27mm F2.8WR
X-Pro3 + XF27mm F2.8WR
Fake Moon, X-Pro3 + XF16-55mm F2.8 WR
X-Pro3 + XF23mm F1.4
X-Pro3 + XF27mm F2.8WR
X-Pro3 + XF27mm F2.8WR
X100V + WCL (Long Exposure + Double Exposure)
X100V + TCL
X-Pro3 + XF16-55mm F2.8WR
The lines are created by moving left to right in slow exposure.
GFX100S + GF63mm

There are 4 merging style. Additive, Average, Bright and Dark.In Additive mode, with every addition shot the exposure increase. Which means it will look over exposure after a few shots. As for Average mode. like what it say; after a few shots; the exposure is still good. Which is my fav. Feels like Eterna film simulation. Bright mode, in this mode only the bright area is capture. And visa versa for Dark mode. 
Try experimenting with all the modes. Once you get the hang of it; that is where one starts this amazing multiple exposure journey. Multiple Exposure. Double the fun!  

X-Pro3 + XF56mm APD
X100V + WCL (Long Exposure + Double Exposure)
X-Pro3 + XF56mm APD

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