FujiFanBoys 4th Annual Best of Show Competition

Welcome to Fujifanboys 4th Annual Best of Show. It’s the biggest international photo competition for all FujiFanBoys and FujiFanGirls. This year we very happy to announced the 4 categories. X-series, X100 series, GFX series and a Video category. Submission is free via Instagram with the specific hashtag. Below are the respective category’s hashtag.

X-Series        : #4thFujifanboys_X
X100 Series :  #4thFujifanboys_X100
GFX Series  :  #4thFujifanboys_GFX
Video           :  #4thFujifanboys_Video


1. Photos or video have to be shot with a Fujifilm X, X100 or GFX series camera.   

(3rd party lenses are allow)

2. This global competition is open to all.

3. Maximum of 10 entries per photographer for each photography category.

(Technically one could submit 10 entries for X-series, another 10 for X100 and 10 more for GFX series)

4. Maximum of 5 video entries for video category. Each video not more than 1 minute. 

5. No timeline for photos. (Photos could be shot 6 year ago)

5. Follow @FujiFanBoys

6. Submission is free via Instagram.

7. Closing date 30th June 2022

This year exhibition venue is not at just in Singapore. We have 7 venues. Thus making this a truly international exhibition. Exhibition starts from September onwards. Dates will be announced later.  
1. Singapore2. Bangkok3. London4. Jakarta5. Manila6. Dubai7. Ho Chi Minh. 

We have a total of 19 sponsors for this year competition. And here are the winner’s prize. 


1st place.   FUJIFILM X-H2S                                           

Premium Annual Subscription/ Fuji X Passion.                                            

Hyperion Strap

2nd place  Nanlite Pavotube ll 15 X (2 kit set) + Barndoor and egg crates                    

Basic annual subscription/ Fuji X Passion.                                

3rd place  Tamron 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di III-A VC VXD                                                

Basic annual subscription/ Fuji X Passion.                                

4th              Godox QT600IIIM                                                                      

5th              MOMENT Gift Card (USD $400)                                                                                    

Nitecore Blowerbaby + cleaning pen.                                          

6th             Viltrox AF 13/1.4 XF lens

7th              SIGMA  30/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lens                                                  

YC Onion X-E4 Hand Grip                                                          

8th              Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L v2                                  

9th              TTartisan 50mm f0.95 APSC                                                      

10th            FOTO PRO X-GO HR Chameleon Tripod.                               


1st place.    Fujifilm GF45mm F2.8 WR Lens                                                                          

Premium Annual Subscription/ Fuji X Passion.                           

2nd place    Nanlite t8-7X (4 kit set) + WC-USBC-C1 Wired controller                                

Basic annual subscription/ Fuji X Passion                                     

3rd  place    MOMENT Gift Card (USD $400)                                                                                       

Basic annual subscription/ Fuji X Passion                                    

4th               Boundary Bag (Prima)                                                                   

5th Viltrox EF – GFX adapter

6th               TTartisan 11mm f2.8 GFX mount                                                  

7th               MARUMI – Magnetic Slim basic kit 77mm.                                  

8th               Godox Movelink M2+VSM-H03+Litemons LED6Bi                        

9th               Nitecore Blowerbaby + cleaning pen.                                            

10th             Hyperion Strap      


1st place     MOMENT Gift Card  (USD $400)                                                                     

2nd place   Godox V860III                                                                               

3rd place    TTArtisan Light Meter                                                                                      

23mm F1.4 APSC                                                                        

4th               Weeylite S05 lights Kits

5th               YC Onion X100V Grip,Thumb grip and Hood                              

6th              Weeylite S03 lights Kits

7th               Nitecore Blowerbaby + cleaning pen.                                              

8th               Lens Hood by SquareHood

9th               Peak Design Slide Camera Strap                                                

10th.            Hyperion Strap


1st place      EIZO ColorEdge CG2420.                                                                                 

Premium Annual Subscription/ Fuji X Passion.                             

2nd place  Nanlite Forza 60C + SB-FMM-60 + Grid                                                         

Basic annual subscription/ Fuji X Passion                                      

3rd place    Godox FL150S+FL-SF6060                                                                             

Basic annual subscription/ Fuji X Passion                                    

4th               MOMENT Gift Card (USD $400)                                                                         

5th               TTartisan 7.5mm f2.0                                                                                        

TTartisan light meter                                                                                            

Hyperion Strap

I am also equally excited to share with you the jury team for this year competition.

Looking forward in seeing all your amazing photos and videos submission. All the best to all FujiFanBoys and FujiFanGirls.

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  1. erricofioretti

    Bellissima iniziativa… Però non capisco una cosa. Le foto postate possono essere dei RAW elaborati, o solamente JPEG scattati in macchina? Grazie.


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